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Hello World - Meet FreeMe

Updated: 3 days ago

Welcome to the FreeMe blogs!  


Today, I'm thrilled to dive deeper into what FreeMe has in store for you and how we plan to amplify the filmmaking experience. So, grab a seat, and let's explore the exciting features and developments awaiting you with FreeMe. 


As a professional 1st Assistant Camera, I hop from gig to gig. Like many people I have spoken to, I also have a MASSIVE excel sheet to track all my jobs, payments, rates, as well as who hired me or recommended me. The process from booking a job to finally getting paid was cumbersome. My notes were scattered between my apps (notes and calendar specifically) and after a 12 hour day, I lacked energy to organize it all. Sound familiar? I thought there must be a better way... an app, perhaps? 


Flash forward five years, FreeMe is here. Here are all the features that make FreeMe different than other existing software: 


  • Crew first. FreeMe is made for crew by crew. This app is not a payroll company that producers required you to enroll in. It's a universal timecard app where it's primary purpose is to support you, the crew member, regardless of the payroll company or if it was a w2 or 1099 job.  (It does both!)

  • Timecard or invoice export. One of our biggest highlights is the ability to export PDFs in an invoice OR timecard format of your choice right when the job is done. Once the job is over, click export and you can immediately forward the PDF to your producer. It does all the calculations for you in seconds. You don't need to go home after a 12 hour day, sit at your computer, and make sure you didn't forget to charge the meal penalty, forced call, or overtime.

  • Easy to use. With a one-look view, you can see all the information for the day and easily switch to other days if necessary.  

  • User-friendly. FreeMe interface is easy on the eyes. Thoughts on design, usability, and efficiency were considered for a quick way to keep track of information. 

  • Time-saving. FreeMe automatically calculates various types of information, including: 

    • Hourly rate breakdown

    • Meal penalties (non-union or union)

    • Overtime

    • Gross wage

    • Real time into tenths or quarters 

    • Forced call

  • Network notes. Keep track of your network by adding who recommended and hired you 

  • Details, details, details! Add taxed and non-taxed items like kit fees, per diem, reimbursements to remember easy-to-forget items.

  • Customization. Change the rules per job. FreeMe defaults to California labor laws, but it can be customized as needed: 

    • Overtime customization 

    • Turnaround/Forced call customization 

    • Meal penalty rates (union only)

    • Ability to categorize day types (prep, tech scout, pre-light, idle, wrap, 6th day, 7th day) as well as changing specific days to different guarantee hours or rates

  • Tailored to your needs. Additional rules unique to our industry considered such as forced call, grace, and pre-call 


As for the future... we have BIG dreams for FreeMe. There are lots of exciting features and valuable blog topics so FreeMe can be a useful resource. 


The current version, FreeMe V.1, has all the necessary elements but doesn't have all the features we envision for it yet. As FreeMe grows, we will add more and more aspects that will benefit crew members. Here are a few immediate things to look forward to in later versions of FreeMe: 


  • Summaries to assist with tax season 

  • More customizations for invoicing 

  • Features to make clocking times efficient 

  • Paid/unpaid indicators 


Upcoming blog topics include: 


  • 10 Hard-Hitting Lessons I Learned When Starting in the Film Industry 

  • How to Email a Producer About Overdue Payments 

  • How to File a Wage Claim

  • Tips for 1st AC's 

  • Tips for 2nd AC's 

  • How to File for Unemployment as a Freelancer 

  • How to Calculate My Hourly Rate and Overtime Rate 


Subscribe to receive regular updates on the new features and resources that will elevate your filmmaking experience. 


Have any feedback on FreeMe? Do you have insights about the industry that you'd love to share? Or are there questions about the industry that you'd like to know more about? We would love to hear from you. Our mission is to support the crew member – please let us know how we can assist! You can leave feedback on our feedback form or e-mail us at 


Thank you to all those who have supported FreeMe in it's journey so far. I'm filled with excitement and anticipation for the adventure ahead. Welcome to the first chapter of FreeMe. :) 

Note: FreeMe is still only available in the Apple Store. Subscribe for updates.


Download on the App Store

Download on the App Store



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