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My name is Erica Chan and I have been professionally working as a 1st Assistant Camera since I moved to Los Angeles in 2015. I had come up with the idea of FreeMe in 2019 when I looked at my massive excel sheet and thought to myself, "there must be a better way to keep track of all this stuff?!?! app, perhaps?"


Flash forward 5 years later, I founded FreeMe LLC and collaborated with our development team, Codonnier, to create something we hope that can be beneficial to all crew members. FreeMe is just a baby and is currently in the beginning stages. I hope to incorporate additional features that will help with tax season and other functions that will assist crew members to do less of the administrative work.


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Our Mission

The primary goal of FreeMe is to support the crew member and provide you with tools to grow. We want to create an app that people would find useful and come to love. Additionally, FreeMe plans to include useful blogs, videos, and resources to be a central source of information and knowledge.

Meet The Team

Codonnier is a top mobile and web application development company that provides high-quality universe mobile application development services for both iOS and Android platforms. Codonnier has over 100 apps live on the Apple and Google Playstores and 50+ websites. As a global provider of IT services, Codonnier is one of the best IT Company in India and the United States, offering a wide range of web development and mobile application development.


We love feedback! Please let us know how we can better your experience. We want this app to be exactly what you want it to be.
Send us a message through our form or e-mail us at

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